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We are at IDEF 2023 Fair


Our company recently showcased its innovative prowess at the prestigious International Defence Industry Fair IDEF’23 in Istanbul. The event proved to be a highly fruitful experience, as we unveiled our new winch models tailored specifically for military and service vehicles.

Throughout the fair, we engaged in numerous productive meetings with leading Turkish manufacturers of military vehicles and equipment. These interactions opened up potential partnerships and collaboration opportunities, fostering a promising outlook for future growth and expansion in the region.

One of the most exciting outcomes of the event was the establishment of several new business connections with foreign companies. This year’s fair witnessed a remarkable surge in interest from Asian enterprises, who expressed their keenness to integrate our products into their projects, current and upcoming.

Apart from showcasing our new winch models, we actively participated in discussions surrounding the latest trends and developments in the automotive industry. These exchanges of ideas allowed us to stay at the forefront of industry innovations, ensuring that our products remain relevant and aligned with evolving market demands.

The Turkish companies at the fair didn’t just captivate us with their display; they also provided us with invaluable inspiration through their breakthrough technologies. Witnessing their advancements has sparked ideas for potential collaborations and technology integration that could further elevate our products and services.

Overall, our participation in the IDEF’23 has further bolstered our position in the domestic and global markets in cutting-edge winch technology for military and service vehicles. With new partnerships, expanded business connections, and insights into the latest industry trends, we are poised for an exciting future of growth and innovation.

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